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A simple Windows app to push clipboard content to Stikked

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How to get it

Installation is very simple, just run the ClickOnce installer at

Future updates will be installed automatically.

If you're interested in the source: 1. Download the latest build from the link above. 1. Extract the zip. 1. Run setup.exe from the /install/ directory.


When the program first opens it will ask you to enter the address for your Stikked installation. Enter this in the box, and wait for the green tick to confirm the API is reachable.

You can enter your name and a default syntax for syntax highlighting.

Pasting privately means your paste will not appear in the listings within Stikked, eg recent or trending pastes.

Auto copy will swap the contents of your clipboard for a link to the paste on Stikked.

Auto open will open any new paste in your default browser.

How to use

With content in your clipboard simply hit Ctrl+v, or click the Paste Clipboard" button, and you'll be given a URL in exchange.


Entering a title is optional.

If you'd like to build up a large paste you can do so with the built in editor: hit the "Compose Paste" button on the main window to get a notepad-like screen where you can work. Hit Submit in here to be given a URL like normal.


Images will be pasted to Imgur and an Imgur link returned in exchange.

Authors and Contributors

This was originally created as a weekend project by @SimonJGreen for internal use at Wirehive. Any further contributions welcome, just fork on GitHub at

Support or Contact

Having trouble? Contact us on Twitter at @Wirehive